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The CompTIA Certification:CompTIA serves the IT industry as the world's largest developer of vendor-neutral IT certification exams. Since establishing the certification program in 1993, more than 900,000 CompTIA certifications have been earned worldwide. Currently, CompTIA offers certifications in PC hardware, networking, servers, Internet, e-business, project management, training, Linux, security, home technology, document imaging and RFID.

TestKing offers learning products for all of the CompTIA exams, allowing you to quickly obtain one or more of the following certifications:

CompTIA A+ Certification
Earning CompTIA A+ certification proves that a candidate has the latest skills needed by todayís computer support professionals. CompTIA A+ confirms a technician's ability to perform tasks such as installation, configuration, diagnosing, preventive maintenance and basic networking. The exams also cover domains such as security, safety and environmental issues and communication and professionalism.

CompTIA Network+ Certification
Earning a CompTIA Network+ certification demonstrates that a candidate can describe the features and functions of networking components, and possesses the knowledge and skills needed to install, configure and troubleshoot basic networking hardware, protocols and services. The exam tests technical ability in the areas of media and topologies, protocols and standards, network implementation and network support.

CompTIA RFID+ Certification
Earning a CompTIA RFID+ certification validates an RFID technicianís knowledge and skills in the areas of installation, maintenance, repair, and upkeep of hardware and software functionality of RFID products.

CompTIA Security+ Certification
Earning a CompTIA Security+ certification demonstrates proof of knowledge and expertise in security topics, such as communication security, infrastructure security, cryptography, access control, authentication, external attack and operational and organization security.

CompTIA Server+ Certification
Earning a CompTIA Server+ certification validates advanced-level technical competency of server issues and technology; including installation, configuration, upgrading, maintenance, environment, and troubleshooting and disaster recovery. This certification is intended for mid to upper-level technicians.

CompTIA e-Biz+ Certification
Earning a CompTIA e-Biz+ certification proves that a candidate knows the basic concepts, key issues and critical technologies of e-business. CompTIA e-Biz+ is designed for technical and non-technical individuals who work in an e-business environment. The exam is only available in Korean and Japanese languages.

Practice exams in VCE format:

CompTIA ActualTests 220-301 v04.28.06 by samarra 745q.vce 220-301 1.51 MB 04-May-2006
CompTIA ActualTests 220-301 v07.31.06 by Ismail 680q.vce 220-301 1.94 MB 23-Aug-2006
CompTIA ActualTests 220-301 v07.31.06.vce 220-301 1.94 MB 06-Aug-2006
CompTIA ActualTests 220-302 v05.27.04 by Silent Stryder.vce 220-302 1.81 MB 30-May-2005
CompTIA ActualTests 220-302 v07.07.05 533q by Ren Dog.vce 220-302 2.08 MB 25-Aug-2005
CompTIA ActualTests 220-302 v07.07.05 by TIN 533q.vce 220-302 2.08 MB 25-Sep-2005
CompTIA ActualTests 220-302 v13.06.06 624q.vce 220-302 1.59 MB 04-Jul-2006
CompTIA ActualTests 220-601 v207 09.vce 220-601 130.25 KB 20-Sep-2007
CompTIA ActualTests 220-602 v2007 08 02 by Electricwarrior.vce 220-602 130.26 KB 20-Sep-2007
CompTIA ActualTests 220-602 v2007 09.vce 220-602 130.25 KB 20-Sep-2007
CompTIA ActualTests 225-030 CDIA v11.03.06 by LOLERSKATES.vce 225-030 215.45 KB 14-Feb-2007
CompTIA ActualTests HT0-101 v12.09.04 HT0-101 132.1 KB 03-Sep-2006
CompTIA ActualTests HT0-102 v10.14.04 HT0-102 71.32 KB 03-Sep-2006
CompTIA ActualTests N10-002 v10 2004.vce N10-002 1.44 MB 18-Apr-2005
CompTIA ActualTests N10-003 v03.22.06 by Kaszub 851q.vce N10-003 2.68 MB 26-Mar-2006
CompTIA ActualTests N10-003 v08.10.05 by Ismail 533q.vce N10-003 1.45 MB 08-Sep-2005
CompTIA ActualTests N10-003 v08.10.05 by Mr Alien 534.vce N10-003 1.71 MB 06-Feb-2006
CompTIA ActualTests N10-003 v08.10.05 Kaszub 534q.vce N10-003 2.38 MB 05-Mar-2006
CompTIA ActualTests N10-003 v09.27.07 by Angelo2007 623q.vce N10-003 1.83 MB 22-Jan-2008
CompTIA ActualTests N10-003 v11.28.05 by Datamata 534q.vce N10-003 1.94 MB 12-Feb-2006
CompTIA ActualTests PK0-002 v01.12.05 part1.vce PK0-002 167.55 KB 18-Apr-2005
CompTIA ActualTests PK0-002 v01.12.05 part2.vce PK0-002 434.23 KB 18-Apr-2005
CompTIA ActualTests PK0-002 v09.24.04 306q by TheROX.vce PK0-002 1.3 MB 15-Sep-2005
CompTIA ActualTests PK0-002 v30.08.05 by TheROX 394q.vce PK0-002 1.01 MB 31-Jan-2006
CompTIA ActualTests SK0-001 v09.29.04 SK0-001 301.3 KB 04-Sep-2006
CompTIA ActualTests SK0-002 v10.28.05 by Ali2060 312q.vce SK0-002 1.23 MB 22-Nov-2005
CompTIA ActualTests SK0-002 SK0-002 268.72 KB 04-Sep-2006
CompTIA Actualtests SY0-101 by efriendofu 429q.vce SY0-101 989.75 KB 19-Feb-2006
CompTIA ActualTests SY0-101 v06.03.05 SY0-101 458.38 KB 04-Sep-2006
CompTIA ActualTests SY0-101 v09.19.07 by Angelo2007 895q.vce SY0-101 2.26 MB 22-Jan-2008
CompTIA ActualTests SY0-101 v11.28.05 429q By Ayman.vce SY0-101 976.23 KB 03-Jun-2006
CompTIA ActualTests SY0-101 SY0-101 1.03 MB 05-Sep-2006
CompTIA ActualTests SY0-101 v2008-03-26 by Saul Goodman 895q.vce SY0-101 1.21 MB 16-Apr-2008
CompTIA ActualTests XK0-001 v04.19.05 XK0-001 449.6 KB 05-Sep-2006
CompTIA ActualTests XK0-001 v10.25.04 XK0-001 396.71 KB 03-Sep-2006
CompTIA ActualTests XK0-002 v 2006 08 02 by TySun.vce XK0-002 935.05 KB 11-Nov-2006
CompTIA ActualTests XK0-002 v2007 05 10 by Farhan.vce XK0-002 934.92 KB 28-Jun-2007
CompTIA Braindumps N10-003.vce N10-003 205.36 KB 22-Jan-2008
CompTIA ExactPapers HT0-102 by efriendofu 220q.vce HT0-102 120.96 KB 23-Feb-2006
CompTIA ExactPapers SK0-001 v10 2004 by Craphandler.vce SK0-001 367.88 KB 18-Apr-2005
CompTIA Pass4Sure N10-003 v2 73 by LongHorn2008.vce N10-003 133.54 KB 20-Sep-2007
CompTIA Sybex SY0-101 by autoseals.vce SY0-101 504.13 KB 23-Feb-2006
CompTIA TestKing 220-221 v4.0 220-221 2.14 MB 18-Apr-2005
CompTIA TestKing 220-221 v6.0 220-221 887.1 KB 08-Sep-2006
CompTIA TestKing 220-222 v5.0 220-222 597.09 KB 18-Apr-2005
CompTIA Testking 220-231 v1.0 220-231 3.58 MB 26-Jul-2006
CompTIA TestKing 220-232 v1.0 220-232 697.94 KB 18-Apr-2005
CompTIA TestKing 220-301 v18 628q by samarra.vce 220-301 1.73 MB 27-Apr-2006
CompTIA TestKing 220-302.vce 220-302 211.23 KB 13-Sep-2005
CompTIA TestKing 220-601 v2008-05-29 by mjhufford 262q.vce 220-601 554.06 KB 29-May-2008
CompTIA TestKing 220-601.vce 220-601 483.76 KB 11-Apr-2007
CompTIA TestKing 220-602 v2.0 148Q By BeCKS.vce 220-602 136.83 KB 06-Mar-2007
CompTIA TestKing 220-602 v2.0 by BeCKS 148q.vce 220-602 136.83 KB 21-Nov-2007
CompTIA Testking XK0-002 Linux+ by nkognito 458q.vce XK0-002 778.07 KB 12-Feb-2006
CompTIA TopCerts 220-603 v2 73 360q.vce 220-603 181.5 KB 24-Mar-2008
CompTIA TopCerts 220-604 v2 73 270q.vce 220-604 183.53 KB 24-Mar-2008

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